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AU24 Cobra Sport Audi TT Quattro Cat Back Sports Exhaust

Part number: AU24

Audi TT Quattro Performance Exhaust


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Cobra Sport exhausts systems come with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

All Cobra Sport exhausts are manufactured in the UK from certified grade 304 stainless steel and TIG welded for a superior quality finish.

EML lights may activate after removing the standard O/E catalyst. An ECU Re-map is recommended to correct this problem and stabilise all power increases.

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Product Description


Please select your preferred tailpipe option (see image for details).

Cobra Sport performance exhausts enhance the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle giving you the ultimate driving experience. Our sports exhausts range is fully guaranteed to give you assurance of our quality.

This Audi TT performance exhaust is made in 3"/76.2mm pipework and fits from the catalytic converter section backwards (Cat-back) these exhausts replace the centre and rear sections.

This non-resonated sports exhaust makes the system louder as it excludes the centre silencer and therefore, has a sportier exhaust note. This exhaust is also available as a resonated version (including centre silencer) which is a quieter option.

Note- Only fits the S-Line bumper with dual exit lower rear panel.

All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied.

Cobra Sport Product Review

In line with Cobra Sport’s objective to expand their range of performance stainless steel exhausts they have taken on the transformation of the Audi TT 2.0 TFSI as a prelude to covering other models in the range in the near future.

The system was transformed with a 3” bore upgrade available as various optional configurations depending upon how adventurous the purchaser would like to be. At the top end of the conversion, with a complete turbo back system including a de-cat (re-map required) the power gains are more than significant, with results showing an impressive 35% increase in BHP to 290.5Bhp and similarly torque results jump from 229lb f-ft to 292lb f-ft an astonishing 27.5% increase.

Cobra Sport’s Sales Manager, Matt Thomas, explains “The sound we have managed to achieve from this conversion is totally in line with the marque’s core values as an unobtrusive and classy drive. The quieter upgrade option of the resonated cat back system only adds on 3dB to a drive by test from the OE system and is barely discernable as different during in-car sound testing, allowing for a performance increase without unnecessary audible interference in the driving experience. Those who require more of a recognisable sporty tone can opt for the non-resonated turbo back system, which, with a de-cat, provides an all-round more involved and sportier upgrade together with the amazing power gains which we achieved”.

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excellent sound and quality.Review by brit in usa
I ordered the cat back exhaust for my 2014 Audi TT. My car is the 2.0TFSI valve lift version with the S-line package. My car looks like a TTRS but the standard exhaust sound was missing something. I live in Texas and was concerned that this exhaust would fit my car but my contact at Cobrasports assured me it would. They shipped it out to me pretty quickly and i had my local exhaust center fit it in about 2 hours. It sounds amazing! On start up it has more bass but is not too loud. Normal driving you can barely tell its there. When you put your foot down though it sounds awesome. I have the dual clutch transmission so on the upshift you get that Audi/VW thump. Totally recommend this product. I have been running this for 9 months now. (Posted on 13/03/2015)

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